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#Blue Child Theme for Beans WordPress theme framework

A learning curve in process of getting tackled!

Beans WordPress theme framework

Beans is an incredibly powerful and flexible WordPress theme, yet light weight and unbelievably fast. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you will enjoy the simplicity of it. The magic is under the hood!


Whether you are looking how to get started or how to use Beans API, you will find your answers in the documentation. If your don't find what your are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.

Code snippets

Code snippets are ready to be pasted straight into your child theme functions.php.

Code reference

Developers this is made for you! You will find all the hooks and functions available in Beans under the Code reference.


Beans is the achievement of two years of work and was launched the 26th of August 2015. The response has been incredible so far and we hope the community will grow around Beans. We just opened the Twitter account so if you would like to say hello, use twitter @BeansPress handle.


Beans community is growing rapidly and a lot of people are asking how they can contribute. Here is how we think you can make a difference:

  • Write reviews
  • Write tutorials
  • Spread the word to the world
  • Build child themes
  • Build extensions
  • Contribute to Beans core

If you are a Beans superstar and you want to contribute to Beans core, here are a few house rules:

  • Commits must start with a capital letter and end with a dot (unless it ends with a version number).
  • Commits must start with one of the following key words Tweaking, Added, Fixed, Updated, Improved, Modified or Removed.
  • Commits must be split into specific tasks and kept small so that other developers can easily see what it's about.
  • Code format must be strictly similar to the rest of the theme framework.

Thanks for making Beans such a great theme which is loved and used by truly passionate people.


Blue Child Theme for the Beans Framework



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