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+ListGroupData - Basic example of runtime manipulation of GroupDataModel
+Sample Description.
+This sample is intended to provide concrete examples for the manipulation of
+GroupDataModel from QML. The runtime manipulation of the data model is
+demonstrated through a series of ActionItems. Each offers a standalone
+example of one way to manipulate the data. This includes insertion, deletion,
+and the updating of items.
+BlackBerry 10 Native SDK Beta
+Running the example:
+1. Download the source code
+2. Launch BlackBerry 10 Native SDK Beta, and from the File menu, select Import.
+3. Expand General, and select Existing Projects into Workspace. Click Next.
+4. Browse to the location of the source code project, and then click OK.
+5. The sample project should display in the the Projects section.
+ Click Finish to import the project into your workspace.
+6. In the Project Explorer pane, Right-click the the project and select Build Project.
+7. In the Project Explorer pane, Right-click the the project and select
+ Run As > BlackBerry C/C++ Application.
+8. The application will now install and launch on your device if not you might
+ have to set up your environment:
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