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31 lines (26 sloc) 1.158 kb do |s| = "subdomain-fu"
s.version = "0.0.22" = "2008-07-05"
s.summary = "Provides a simple solution for route handling and linking between subdomains in a Rails application." = ""
s.homepage = ""
s.description = "SubdomainFu aims to solve the problem of subdomain-based routing and in a unified way, establishing simple conventions for linking between subdomains of a Rails app."
s.authors = ["Michael Bleigh"]
s.has_rdoc = true
s.rdoc_options = ["--main", "README"]
s.extra_rdoc_files = ["README"]
#s.add_dependency("mbleigh-mash", [">= 0.0.5"])
s.files = [ "MIT-LICENSE",
"subdomain-fu.gemspec" ]
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