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A oh-so-terrible HTML rendering engine implemented for DE1-SoC (C5SEMA5F31C6).

Capable of rendering p, div, h1 tags following a static layout.

How it works

HTML to render is provided through a char array (Verilog wire) in src/reading/dummy.v. Parsing modules in src/parsing parse over the HTML as a language in a Finite State Machine (this is done intentionally, we know that HTML is not regular) and sets rendering flags used by the Rendering module to render text character with the correct size, color and shape etc. Finally the src/rendering module renders the atomic HTML elements onto the VGA.

Attributes currently supported

  • width
  • height
  • color
  • size
  • border

Sample Output On VGA

I know the picture is horrible to say in the least. We could not screen grab from the VGA.

![bug image] ( "")

![bug image] ( "")

High Level Circuit Design for this project

![top level circuit design image] ( "")

Bugs we encountered

We required all the code in our project to operate in a synchronous manner, following the on board 50MHz clock; more often than not different intercommunicating modules would be off by one clock cycle or activate on different edges on the clock.

For example, this is what happened when our parsing module was not communicating properly with the rendering module.

![bug image] ( "")

Another frequent bug involved the MIF (Memory Intialization File) not "working" properly with the VGA adapter module, resulting in the following instead of a complete white background.

![bug image] ( "")

This issue was resolved by changing some critical parameter inside the VGA adapter file.


A (very) minimal web browser for FPGAs implemented in Verilog







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