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jcodec - a pure java implementation of video/audio codecs.


JCodec is a library implementing a set of popular video and audio codecs. Currently JCodec supports:

  • Video

    • H.264 Main profile decoder ( CAVLC/CABAC, I/P/B frames );
    • H.264 Baseline profile encoder ( CAVLC, I-frames only, P-frames as of version 0.2 );
    • MPEG 1/2 decoder ( I/P/B frames, interlace );
    • Apple ProRes decoder;
    • Apple ProRes encoder;
    • JPEG decoder;
  • Audio

    • SMPTE 302M decoder;
  • Wrappers ( muxers, demuxers, formats ):

    • MP4 ( ISO BMF, Apple QuickTime ) de-muxer;
    • MP4 ( ISO BMF, Apple QuickTime ) muxer;
    • MKV ( Matroska ) de-muxer;
    • MKV ( Matroska ) muxer;
    • MPEG PS ( Program Stream ) demuxer;
    • MPEG TS ( Transport Stream ) demuxer;

JCodec is free software distributed under FreeBSD License.

Future development

Those are just some of the things JCodec dev team is planning to work on:

  • Video
    • Improve H.264 encoder: CABAC, rate control;
    • Performance optimize H.264 decoder;
    • Implement H.264 encoder on RenderScript;
    • Native optiomizations for decoders and encoders;
  • Audio
    • AAC encoder;

Getting started

You can get JCodec automatically with maven. For this just add below snippet to your pom.xml .


OR download it from here (you will need both jars):

There is virtually no documentation right now but the plan is to catch up on this so stay tuned. stackoverflow.com contains quite a bit information at this point. Also check the 'samples' subfolder. It's a maven project, and it contains some code samples for the popular use-cases:

Sample code

Getting a single frame from a movie ( supports only AVC, H.264 in MP4, ISO BMF, Quicktime container ):

    int frameNumber = 150;
    BufferedImage frame = FrameGrab.getFrame(new File("filename.mp4"), frameNumber);
    ImageIO.write(frame, "png", new File("frame_150.png"));

Getting a sequence of frames from a movie ( supports only AVC, H.264 in MP4, ISO BMF, Quicktime container ):

    double startSec = 51.632;
    FileChannelWrapper ch = null;
    try {
        ch = NIOUtils.readableFileChannel(new File("filename.mp4"));
        FrameGrab fg = new FrameGrab(ch);
        for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
            ImageIO.write(grab.getFrame(), "png",
                new File(System.getProperty("user.home"), String.format("Desktop/frame_%08d.png", i)));
    } finally {


Feel free to communicate any questions or concerns to us. Dev team email: jcodecproject@gmail.com