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This is a list of resources related to learning Vulkan that I've come across.

For those who know nothing:

Vulkan in 30 minutes

Khronous Videos

Vulkan Tutorial

Vulkan API - Companion Guide by Harry Gould

API Without Secrets: Introduction to Vulkan by Pawel Lapinski Github

A Brief Overview of Vulkan API

Vulkan API Overview by Henri Tuhola.

Vulkan API Tutorial Video series by Niko Kauppi - Visual Studio/C++ Github Repository

Tutorial by José Henriques

GDC 2016 Presentation Video


Siggraph 2015 - An Overview of Next-Generation Graphics API

This is mainly filled with Powerpoint presentations :(.

Sample Code

Language Bindings

More Resources

Companies support Vulkan

This links in this section help you understand the GPU in detail

A Trip Through the Pipeline by Fabian Giesen

Render Hell 2.0 by Simon Trümpler

Definitions (from Above)

  • Queue : A queue onto which you submit commands that the GPU reads and executes (asynchronously).
  • Semaphore : A GPU-GPU synchronization object.
  • Fence : A GPU-CPU synchronization object.
  • Buffer : Linear data for use on the device.
  • Image : Texture data (including dimensions & format) for use on the device.
  • Sampler : A collection of state required for a shader to sample textures (format, filtering etc).
  • Pipeline : A compiled collection of GPU state setting commands, shaders and other such data. (Almost) everything the GPU needs to get ready for rendering/compute work.
  • PipelineCache : A cache used by the pipeline compilation process. It is used to avoid unnecessary recompilations and can be saved and restored to and from disk to speed up subsequent compilations (for instance, in subsequent runs of the application).
  • Swapchain : A "ring buffer" of images offered by the platform's presentation engine (desktop compositors etc) on which the application can render and then submit for presentation.
  • Pool : A fast memory allocator specifically designed for objects of some specific type (descriptors, command buffers etc).



A list of resources for learning Vulkan








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