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@@ -8,17 +8,15 @@ Grammars][1] and heavily influenced by [Treetop][2].
-Canopy and the parsers it generates require [JS.Class][3] -- we're building
-on top of this in order to support the composition and node typing features
-of Treetop, to which Ruby's object system lends itself very well.
-You can grap a stable build of Canopy from `bin/canopy-stable.js`; this
-build is used to compile Canopy itself during development.
+ git clone git://
+ cd canopy
+ gem install jake
+ npm install
+ jake
+ npm test
@@ -46,11 +44,11 @@ For example:
`Canopy.compile()` both evaluates and returns the source code for the
parser it has generated, so you can take that source and save it in a
-file for later use. The `bin` directory contains a Rhino script that
+file for later use. The `bin` directory contains a Node script that
generates parser files from grammar files, for example to compile
Canopy's own grammar parser, I do this:
- rhino bin/compile.js source/canopy/meta_grammar.peg
+ node bin/canopy source/canopy/meta_grammar.peg
Grammar definitions

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