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JavaScript testing demo

This is an application I've built to go along with a talk I'm giving at Future of Web Design London 2012, on the topic of JavaScript testing. It's a tiny Sinatra app that serves a sign-up page for users to register. The sign-up page uses JavaScript form validation, and this app contains several ways to test the code.

You might also find my series on refactoring towards testable JavaScript useful, and it covers how to use the tools mentioned in my talk in more depth.

Setting up

Download the code, and get its dependencies installed. You'll need Ruby, Node.js and PhantomJS for various parts of the demo.

If all you want to do is run the JavaScript unit tests, you don't need to install anything - just clone the repo and run open spec/js/browser.html.

git clone git://
cd fowd-js-testing
gem install bundler

Browsing the code

Here's where to find various parts of the application. It's very small, so there's not a lot of files to wade through.

  • lib/ - Ruby files for the server-side portion of the app
  • lib/views/ - page templates that the server renders
  • lib/public/ - JavaScript code used on the client side
  • spec/ - Ruby files used to run full-stack tests
  • spec/js/ - HTML and JavaScript for running JS unit tests

Running the tests

If you've installed the Ruby dependencies, you can run the full-stack Selenium tests:

bundle exec rspec -cf nested spec

To run the JavaScript tests in a browser:

open spec/js/browser.html

To run the business logic tests using Node.js:

node spec/js/console.js

To run all the tests with PhantomJS:

phantomjs spec/js/phantom.js