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=== 1.1.1 / 2012-04-11
* Fix building of packages without headers
* Print generated source map files in bin/packr output
=== 1.1.0 / 2012-04-07
* Add support for source maps from Packr 3.2
=== 1.0.0 / 2009-07-06
* A proper test suite is now in place.
* Helper methods and event hooks and are now separated. Use `jake_helper`
and `jake_hook` instead of just `jake`.
* :after_build event is now called :build_complete, and we added
a :file_created event that is called whenever a new package file is
written to disk.
* Metadata can be added to packages using the :meta option. This
data is available as Package#meta inside event hooks.
* Erubis is now used instead of ERB if available.
=== 0.9.3 / 2009-05-10
* Adds an 'extends' option to packages to allow one package to
inherit config from another. Useful for making packages that include
all the files from another, plus a few extras.
* Helper methods have access to commandline input via `options`.
=== 0.9.2 / 2008-11-14
* Allows '-min' suffixes to be omitted.
* Supports use of ERB in the jake.yml file to generate configs.
=== 0.9.1 / 2008-09-11
* Adds ERB support to header files.
=== 0.9.0 / 2008-09-11
* First release, supports packages, bundles, ERB code generation.
* Supports :after_build event hook for post-build tasks.