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Contributing to jsclass

The jsclass git repository is at

To hack on jsclass you'll need to be able to build it and run the tests. To build the library from source, run:

$ npm install
$ npm run-script build

This will build the project and create files in the build directory.

Running the tests

Please add tests for any functionality you add to the library. The test files live in the test/specs directory; follow the code conventions you see in the existing files.

To run the tests, you need to run several tasks. Make sure all the target server platforms work:

$ JS=(v8 node phantomjs spidermonkey rhino narwhal ringo mongo)
$ for js in "${JS[@]}"; do echo "$js" ; $js test/console.js ; echo $? ; done

Some interpreters will skip the tests that use asynchronous APIs.

Check the tests work in the PhantomJS browser:

$ phantomjs test/phantom.js

Run the test suite in as many web browsers as you can:

$ open test/browser.html

For desktop application platforms, run it in XULRunner and AIR:

$ xulrunner -app test/xulenv/application.ini
$ adl test/airenv/app.xml