Reporting (or at least a start) for uManage data
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Reporting (or at least a start) for uManage data.

I have been using uManage on my system for a couple of months, now, and have nearly a hundred thousand entries. I also (separately) have weather and sleep data for nearly the past year. That functionality will eventually migrate to uManage, but for now, it's time to study the data to some degree.

That's what this is/will be, a set of mostly R scripts to see what there is to be seen with this data, hopefully including:

  • What are the big time wasters?

  • What recurring tasks can be automated?

  • Are there hours that are more productive?

  • Are there any correlations to be found between software usage, weather, sleep habits, and whatever else is being tracked?

R might not have the answer to all of these questions, but at the very least, getting more exposure to R will be interesting, and I'll try to document what I find as I find it.