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Relationally scoped query plugin for GORM and Hibernate
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Relationally Scoped Query Plugin

This plugin was inspired by both the power of Groovy builders in HibernateCriteriaBuilder and the new Relation querying API that appeared in ActiveRecord with Rails 3.0.

Major goals include arbitrarily nested reusable scopes and lazy execution of the query generated. Also available will be a level of introspection into the logical expression generated that Criteria cannot provide.


See the features/ directory for examples of usage.

More complex features:

TestDomain.where { id equals: 1 as Long }

TestDomain.where {
 // 't' is a single relationship to another TestDomain
 t where: {
   id gte: 1 as Long

TestDomain.where {
 where(anotherRelationalScopeObject) // the object is returned by a where({})

TestDomain.where {
 id mapTo: "parent_query_id"
 t where: {
   id equals: mapping("parent_query_id")

TestDomain.where {
 or {
   // same thing in each comparison :)
   id equals: property("id")
   property("id") equals: property("id")

Running the Tests

You can run the Cucumber test suite the slow way by simply typing


at the console, or by using the Cucumber bundle for TextMate. However, this starts Grails each time you run the test suite. For faster development, start a dedicated Grails daemon by typing

rake grails

in a separate console. You can then run your tests as often as you like, and Grails will not restart unless you add or change a domain class specification in the tests.

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