Essential Logging in CloudWatch for ECS Container Instances
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A User Data Launch script to ESSENTIAL logging in CloudWatch for ECS container instances launched either one-off or via Launch Configuration + Auto Scaling Group. Based on this log file from AWS.

To use -

  1. Ensure that your instances / launch configuration have the following IAM permissions:
  1. paste in the contents to your instance or Launch Configuration's User Data under Advanced Details.

The Shell script can be used as User Data for you EC2 instances and Launch Configurations for ECS clusters. It provides the following functionality:

a) Tell the instance what cluster to join

b) Install the awslogs and jq

c) Setup the default points to send our Logs to

d) Set the region to send our logs to (which by default will be the one our instance resides in)

e) Setup logging meta data so that we can tell which logs belong to which clusters, services and instances. Logs the following:

  • Global Messages
  • Kernal Message
  • SSH Logins
  • Cloud Init Logs
  • Docker Logs
  • ECS Logs
  • IAM Role Audit Logs

All named and organized in cloudwatch via log type -> container instance. For example, Docker logs will be organized in this manner:

Log Group - CLUSTER_global_messages Log Stream - CONTAINER_INSTANCE_ID/var/log/messages

You can modify the log group and log stream name to be whatever you'd like.

f) Install the SSM Agent to allow for Run Command (not present by default on ECS Optimized AMIs)

The Policy just allows for putting logs to Cloudwatch for these instances. You're ECS Container instances will generally have a role for the instances. Attach this policy to that role as well.

More details can be found on this post:

How to Unify AWS ECS Logs in CloudWatch (and SSM Run Command)