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Skinning YUI Widgets. This is a work in progress demonstrated at YUI Conference 14 Nov. 2012
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Skin Builder

Skin Builder is a small web app that generates CSS skins for Pure and YUI Widgets.

See it in action

Check out the app here.

Issues and Feature Requests

Please submit all issues and feature requests through Github. It makes it easy to track.

Current Features

  • Selecting a single key color from a picker transforms the entire skin
  • Select a single color, 'container' color that the widgets will sit on in your app
  • Preview all the YUI Widgets real-time while adjusting the skin
  • Select from existing schemes that set different relationships of main colors in the skin
  • Adjust radius amount for widget items that have radius
  • Adjust horizontal and vertical padding separately
  • Adjust text contrast to the background colors
  • Create your own custom color scheme relationships to the key color
  • Provide a name for your skin that will stamp the class names in the CSS
  • Outputs CSS
  • Get Link that contains query string with all values needed to reproduce current skin
  • Skin Forms, Tables, Menus, and Buttons from Pure
  • Switch between YUI3 Widgets and Pure
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