Skinning YUI Widgets. This is a work in progress demonstrated at YUI Conference 14 Nov. 2012
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#Skin Builder

Skin Builder is a small web app that generates CSS skins for Pure and YUI Widgets.

##See it in action Check out the app here.

##Issues and Feature Requests Please submit all issues and feature requests through Github. It makes it easy to track.

##Current Features

  • Selecting a single key color from a picker transforms the entire skin
  • Select a single color, 'container' color that the widgets will sit on in your app
  • Preview all the YUI Widgets real-time while adjusting the skin
  • Select from existing schemes that set different relationships of main colors in the skin
  • Adjust radius amount for widget items that have radius
  • Adjust horizontal and vertical padding separately
  • Adjust text contrast to the background colors
  • Create your own custom color scheme relationships to the key color
  • Provide a name for your skin that will stamp the class names in the CSS
  • Outputs CSS
  • Get Link that contains query string with all values needed to reproduce current skin
  • Skin Forms, Tables, Menus, and Buttons from Pure
  • Switch between YUI3 Widgets and Pure