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Version 0.1 (10 February, 2003):
- - initial release
+ - Initial release
+Version 0.2 (15 February, 2003):
+ - Incorporates fixes for lots of bugs and ommissions, in the code and
+ docs. Too many to mention, but faithfully recorded in cvs commit
+ messages.
Place these files in a directory called 'plr' under 'contrib' in the
- PostgreSQL source tree. Then run:
+ PostgreSQL source tree. E.g. place the tarred source file in
+ '/path/to/pg_source/contrib' and run:
+ tar -xzf plr.x.y.z.tar.gz
+ Then run:
+ cd /path/to/pg_source/contrib/plr
make install
+ make installcheck
+ This is usually best done logged in as the PostgreSQL superuser
+ (defaults to postgres), except root privileges may be needed for
+ "make install".
You can use plr.sql to create the functions in your database of choice, e.g.
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