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- preserve callers memory context rather than assuming query memory c…


- register plr_atexit using atexit() so that when R interpreter exit()'s on
  failure to initialize (e.g. if R_HOME is incorrect) we throw an error
  instead of killing the postgres backend unexpectedly
- replace call to R function lcons() with explicit call to Rf_lcons() since
  postgres also has an lcons() function (Neil Conway)
- use PG_DETOAST_DATUM() on array arguments to ensure they get detoasted
  if needed.
- fix for R_VERSION >= 2.5.0, R_ParseVector has extra arguments
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1 parent ccf586f commit 7e682c038f5926c7d8a0365b14ba20a4e032c9b8 jconway committed Jun 2, 2007
Showing with 2,298 additions and 20 deletions.
  1. +1,682 −9 pg_backend_support.c
  2. +43 −3 plr.c
  3. +573 −8 plr.h
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