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The trygve language project - Building a DCI-centric language from the ground up

Please contact if you are considering working up to a pull request. Pull requests should first be socialized on


Clone or download the repo, then build and execute with gradlew run.

Running on Windows

Here's a quick-and-dirty guide from Andreas Söderlund for an initial bring-up on Windows:

  1. Download the OpenJava JDK from
  2. Install git:
  3. cd to an appropriate directory and execute:
git clone
cd trygve
gradlew run

If you want to update to the latest version at a later time, execute the following inside the trygve directory:

git pull
gradlew run

User manual

Available in the repository, trygve1.docx. Many docx viewers are available, here is a free one from Softonic.

An online version is available at


VS Code is a very accessible way to develop trygve. Installation instructions are available here.

For other environments, import this repository as a Gradle project into your IDE. (Or as a regular project if you wish.) Then run or debug info.fulloo.trygve.editor.Main.

To build a distribution gradlew build.

Also remember to enable assertions (Eclipse, IntelliJ)


For details on how to configure for eclipse, see the appendix of the user manual. The instructions are for the Mac but generalizing them to Windows (and to other versions of eclipse) should be straightforward.


Send questions to