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Measure is a program which measures programs... really.
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Measure is a program to measure programs... really!

So there's the time command, which gets you basic runtime and CPU, but:

  • its output isn't easily parsed
  • the bash builtin measures time (not say memory usage) and..
  • the bash builtin obscures the coreutil, which can have its output modified to be more easily parsed but...
  • all of their time resoulitions blow (floating point seconds...) "time ls" ... it took zero seconds? really?

Oh and if you're running a non-trivial program, you might need to warm it up by running it once... or is it twice? How do you know?

There's rumors of some old "timex" thing, but well that seems to have fallen out of remembering for the most part.

Right so there's this (seemingly) little-used wait4(2) function which returns resource usage of a child process.

What measure does is take a command, runs it, and collects:

  • high resolution (nanoseconds on Linux) wallclock runtime
  • returncode (in case your program is less than deterministic, you just might care)
  • resource usage, including: user and system CPU time; memory usage (maxrss); page faults; and more! (see getrusage(2) for details).
  • stashes the command's stdout and stderr into temporary files

Right so then there's sample, which is just a symlink to measure, which keeps running the command until something kills it (like say SIGPIPE from a |head).

State of the code

This project is me dusting off my C skills; there're likely bugs and things that could be done better.

I have yet to dust off my autotools skills, so there's just a dead-stupid Makefile at this point; it compiles for me on the latest Arch Linux, YMMV.


This example is of running gzip on through the looking glass as retrieved from Project Gutenberg.

$ head -n3 12.xt
The Project Gutenberg EBook of Through the Looking-Glass, by
Charles Dodgson                         AKA Lewis Carroll

$ ls -l 12.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 jcorbin jcorbin 185936 Jan 23 18:03 12.txt

$ ./measure gzip -c 12.txt
start end utime stime maxrss ixrss idrss isrss minflt majflt nswap inblock oublock msgsnd msgrcv nsignals nvcsw nivcsw stdout stderr
17452s,99079128ns 17452s,110413618ns 0s,9999ms 0s,0ms 936 0 0 0 318 0 0 0 136 0 0 0 1 2 stdout_odGt5m stderr_4FiBzt

$ ./sample gzip -c 12.txt | head -n11 | ./
== Results
 Sample size: 10
   wallclock: 11368300.3
     cputime: 8665.8
      maxrss: 934
      minflt: 314.4
      majflt: 0
       nswap: 0
     inblock: 0
     oublock: 136
       nvcsw: 1
      nivcsw: 2.3
stdout_bytes: 68144
stderr_bytes: 0
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