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Towards better Zsh Git integration

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This is my git-enabled zsh prompt.

I got fed up with looking at everyone's half-baked kludges, so I decided to try
to do better.

The git integration bits are mostly separated into a module called 'zgitinit',
where as the prompt is a standard zsh prompt theme.

To use this, you need to get the files in functions somewhere that zsh can find
them, here's two way so to do that:

System wide:
  % sudo cp /path/to-wunjo-zsh-git/functions/* /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions

or just for your user:
  % mkdir -p ~/.zsh/func
  % cp /path/to-wunjo-zsh-git/functions/* ~/.zsh/func
  % cat >> ~/.zshenv
  fpath=($fpath $HOME/.zsh/func)
  typeset -U fpath

Example minimal zshrc is in zshrc.
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