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set -e
. ./
# Create the resource group
echo "Creating $COMMON_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME resource group..."
echo "Resource group $COMMON_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME created."
# Create the storage account
echo "Creating $TF_STATE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME storage account..."
az storage account create -g $COMMON_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME -l $LOCATION \
--sku Standard_LRS \
--encryption-services blob
echo "Storage account $TF_STATE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME created."
# Retrieve the storage account key
echo "Retrieving storage account key..."
ACCOUNT_KEY=$(az storage account keys list --resource-group $COMMON_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME --account-name $TF_STATE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME --query [0].value -o tsv)
echo "Storage account key retrieved."
# Create a storage container (for the Terraform State)
echo "Creating $TF_STATE_CONTAINER_NAME storage container..."
az storage container create --name $TF_STATE_CONTAINER_NAME --account-name $TF_STATE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME --account-key $ACCOUNT_KEY
echo "Storage container $TF_STATE_CONTAINER_NAME created."
# Create an Azure KeyVault
echo "Creating $KEYVAULT_NAME key vault..."
echo "Key vault $KEYVAULT_NAME created."
# Storage the Terraform State Storage Key into KeyVault
echo "Storage storage access key into key vault secret..."
az keyvault secret set --name tfstate-storage-key --value $ACCOUNT_KEY --vault-name $KEYVAULT_NAME
echo "Key vault secret created."
# Display information
echo "Azure Storage Account and KeyVault have been created."
echo "Run the following command to initialize Terraform to store its state into Azure Storage:"
echo "terraform init -backend-config=\"storage_account_name=$TF_STATE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME\" -backend-config=\"container_name=$TF_STATE_CONTAINER_NAME\" -backend-config=\"access_key=\$(az keyvault secret show --name tfstate-storage-key --vault-name $KEYVAULT_NAME --query value -o tsv)\" -backend-config=\"key=terraform-ref-architecture-tfstate\""
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