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macOS screen lock from CLI

Lots of folks have an alias in their shell setup like this:

alias afk="/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu\ Extras/ -suspend"

One problem I found with this - it uses the "switch user" feature of macOS, which for whatever reason, forces me to type my username & password, and my Apple Watch wouldn't unlock the Mac.

I found someone wrote this bit of Objective-C code on stackexchange that seems to do the trick, so I figured I'd write this up and preserve it for posterity.

My "afk" alias has now been updated to /usr/local/bin/maclock, so I don't need to rewire my thought process on triggering AFK screen lock before walking away from my Mac.

For laughs, I also made an Alfred Workflow that takes the keyword "lock" and runs the same thing. I had to uncheck Alfred's "lock" feature, as it uses the "switch user" feature, as above.

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