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package free
import monad._
import cats._
import org.scalatest._
class `4-1-Kind` extends AsyncFlatSpec with Matchers {
behavior of "FunctionK"
it should "create a FunctionK from Box[_] to Sphere[_]" in {
Printable.format(Sphere("hill")) shouldBe "\"hill\""
behavior of "Rank N Type"
it should "able to print a tuple of Sphere" in {
Printable.format((Sphere("hill"), Sphere(1))) shouldBe "\"(hill, 1)\""
"Natural Transformation" should "satisfy law" in {
implicit val functorBox: Functor[Box] = new Functor[Box] {
def map[A, B](fa: Box[A])(f: A => B) =
import cats.syntax.functor._
Sphere.sphereToBox(Sphere(100).map(_ + 1)) shouldBe Sphere
.map(_ + 1)