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package free
import org.scalatest._
import cats._
import cats.effect.IO
class `4-2-Free` extends AsyncFlatSpec with Matchers {
behavior of "program"
it should "hard to unit test get put delete" in {
program() shouldBe (())
object DbEffInterp {
val fake = Lambda[DbEff ~> IO](_ match {
case Get("123") => IO(s"value for key 123")
case Put("321", v) => IO(println(s"saving 123 to database"))
case Delete("123") => IO(println(s"deleteing 123"))
case a => IO(fail(s"unexpecting interaction: $a"))
behavior of "free program"
it should "run on fake interpreter to verify your program logic" in {
(freeProgram() foldMap DbEffInterp.fake) unsafeRunSync () shouldBe (())