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#Word Ladder

This project was created for my data visualization class during fall 2013 where we needed to explore a network dataset. For this I chose to use Donald Knuth's world ladder data for five-letter words. The two html files are a query tool that were built to explore and visualize the dataset.

##word_ladder.html This is a system that has the ability to show a person how to get from one five-letter word to another. This system will show the user the transition of words via a colorization of the words and also by showing them on a circular plot. The circular plot is sorted by it's degree in the graph.

##graph_exploration.html Turns out that not all the five-letter words supplied by Knuth can reach one another. This system shows how many graphs are formed from the words and how they are connected.

##edges_to_score.png In this plot I was comparing the degree of a node in the graph to its score. A score is defined as the average percentage from each of the words' characters and their frequency in English. This was obtained from Wikipedia's letter frequency page.