Format for abcm2ps to show note names in the actual note head
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Easy Notes format for abcm2ps

Easy Notes is a format file for abcm2ps that shows the note name inside of the actual note head. This is used to teach music to new students.

Example of Easy Notes Output

To use Easy Notes, add to your .abc file:

%%format easynote.fmt
%%ps easynotes_on

You can also issue a:

%%ps easynotes_off

to return back to normal note heads.

It is also advisable to use %%scale 1.2 or larger to make the letters in the note heads large enough to be readable at a normal distance.

You can also cause Easy Notes to not print the note name in some notes. For example, maybe your student has had adequate time to learn F, G and A. You can turn those off. All other pitches such as D, E, f, and f' will still display their note name but F, G and A will not.

%%ps [ (D) (E) (F) ] easynotes_hide

You can also reset the hide list for other songs.

%%ps easynotes_showall


  • Does not support breve or longa notes. This generally is not a problem since any student just learning the music staff (thus using easy notes) is probably not going to run into such notes.