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Justin Coyne jcoyne

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Contributions in the last year 4,588 total Dec 1, 2014 – Dec 1, 2015
Longest streak 13 days February 2 – February 14
Current streak 2 days November 30 – December 1

Contribution activity

9 commits

64 Pull Requests

  1. Open #383 Update History for 6.4 release projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  2. Merged #382 Remove space after icon if no text is present, fix projecthydra/sufia… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  3. Merged #381 Make geonames username configurable. Closes #1336 projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  4. Merged #380 Linked Project Hydra to projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  5. Merged #377 Refactoring event jobs to remove the continuos copying of code. projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  6. Merged #376 Root path projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  7. Merged #375 changed overflow behavior for My Files list to make the dropdown stay… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  8. Merged #374 Document how to use resque-pool effectively with Sufia. projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  9. Merged #372 Minimagick projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  10. Merged #371 Adding csv generation service to create csv formatted GenericFiles projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  11. Merged #370 Moving admin statistics logic out of the controller. projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  12. Merged #369 Allows the developer to configure the frequency of the messages pingi… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  13. Merged #368 Reset contact form on success, fixes #1302 projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  14. Merged #367 Fix styling of the Sort/Per-page Bar in Dashboard projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  15. Merged #366 fix missing question mark next to Rights projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  16. Merged #365 Remove unused class RoleMapper projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  17. Merged #364 Fix Generic File metadata update button projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  18. Merged #363 Fix sorting issues with collections. projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  19. Merged #362 extracting a presenter from the admin stats controller behavior projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  20. Merged #361 Added citation configuration to sufia. Allows for rendering citation … projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  21. Merged #360 Fixes rendering of files list outside containing div in FireFox v40 a… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  22. Merged #359 Add some info on viewing resque jobs projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  23. Merged #358 Removed Bootstrap media object DIVs for accessibility, redundant link… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  24. Merged #356 Use ActiveFedora::Noid 1.0 and surface its config in the Sufia config. projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  25. Merged #355 Do not use hard-coded paths to URLs in the navbar. projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  26. Merged #354 Fixes 2 label issue for radio button and better accessibility complia… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  27. Merged #353 Tweak link text and switch Bootstrap icon to span. projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  28. Merged #352 Fixed open alt tag that I incorrectly set previously to address acces… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  29. Merged #351 Unregistered users should have the ability to see file citations projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  30. Merged #350 After a week of training on "Practical Object-Oriented Design" with S… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  31. Merged #349 Fixing audit service since audit no longer exists on the GenericFile projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  32. Merged #347 Adding an announcement editable content block to the home page projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  33. Merged #345 Adds mention of Java 8 prerequisite for hydra-jetty. Fixes #1253 projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  34. Merged #344 Fixes Bootstrap columns to allow caret to remain with text for batch … projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  35. Merged #343 Fixes dropdown menu from being hidden on small devices 767px or smaller projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  36. Merged #342 Makes the edit actions under thumbnail match browse view projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  37. Merged #341 Update projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  38. Merged #340 Swaps order of heading and sort, adjusts spacing of gallery display, … projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  39. Merged #338 Updates README for v6.2.0. projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  40. Merged #336 Our librarians wants to be able to edit the labels. There is no real… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  41. Merged #98 Don't cache the SearchBuilder projecthydra/hydra-collections
  42. Merged #252 Don't overwrite solrconfig.xml if it already exists projecthydra-labs/hydra-works
  43. Merged #332 Check to make sure Zotero integration is enabled before asking user i… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  44. Merged #331 Make my controller retrieve only user's own collections. projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  45. Open #330 Allowing the second input to also auto complete. fixes #1222 projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  46. Merged #486 Correct documentation projecthydra-labs/curation_concerns
  47. Closed #327 Changing to make sure we have a current_user before comparing the id projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  48. Merged #326 Making the image thumbnail alt tag empty for better accessiblity, sin… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  49. Merged #325 Update outdated dependencies to make Gemnasium green. projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  50. Merged #324 Fixes HTML source order, adds ARIA roles, and skip to content link fo… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  51. Merged #322 Removes old icon and replaces it with SVG when searching in collections projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  52. Merged #321 Enable coveralls and update badge per instructions projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  53. Merged #320 Remove logic around user groups from ability methods. projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  54. Merged #319 Handle unauthorized access to DepositorsController projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  55. Merged #318 Remove duplicate poltergeist setup projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  56. Merged #317 Refactors CSS to use label-default link and improves text/label visib… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  57. Merged #316 Removing unused mailboxer init. refs #1174 projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  58. Merged #315 Adding admin stats to sufia by copying them from ScholarSphere projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  59. Merged #314 Adding user email list rake task. fixes #1060 projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  60. Merged #313 Making the user stats reporter more robust to the intermittent errors… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  61. Merged #312 Fixes background color of facet X when filtering. Collision with .rem… projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  62. Merged #311 Use read-only audit status on the show page projecthydra-labs/sufia-core
  63. Merged #484 Add a read-only audit service method projecthydra-labs/curation_concerns
  64. Merged #310 Remove unused module Utils projecthydra-labs/sufia-core

14 Issues reported

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