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A framework for building awesome knockout.js apps
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A framework for building awesome knockout.js apps.

The idea behind is that knockout has amazing two way binding functionallity, but not a lot of conventions for how to write ViewModels, Models, Collections and such. provides methods to create view models, models and collections in a clean and reusable fashion that provide some built in helpers.

Installation can be used by downloading the dist/ file or using bower:

bower install is available as an AMD module, so just require it and you are good to go. Something like this will do just fine:

define([''], function (ko) {

If your project isn't using AMD, will also work as a non-AMD script like this:

<script src="bower_components/dist/"></script>

Using ko.Ninja

Development is built using grunt and bower. To run the build...

npm install && bower install

To run the tests...

grunt test
# or
grunt server # to run the tests in your browser at localhost:8003/qunit.html

There is also a built in server to run the provided examples...

grunt server # localhost:8003
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