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Globals hints? #97

miohtama opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

Mikko Ohtamaa Florent Xicluna
Mikko Ohtamaa

Jslint / jshint allows you to hint global variables like this:

  /*globals window,console*/

Does pep8 has anything similar?

Namely, to be used inside scripts of Plone CMS. Through-the-web scripts are run using eval() and have special builtin globals set beforehand to make your scripts shorter and more convenient.

PEP-8 works fine with these scripts, but complains about these missing globals like context and I don't know how to hint PEP8 to ignore this error for this specific file.

Florent Xicluna

This checker is not part of pep8.
It is most probably related to pyflakesor flake8.

Florent Xicluna florentx closed this
Mikko Ohtamaa

Ah thanks, of course! Too much coffee, too little sleep last night :)

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