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(ns counter.db
(:require [immutant.util :as util]
[datomic.api :as d]
[ :as io]))
(def uri (format "datomic:inf://localhost:%d/%s"
(util/port :hotrod)
(def conn (delay (d/connect uri)))
(defn init
"Create the database, load the schema, initialize counter, and
define transaction function named :increment"
(when (d/create-database uri)
@(d/transact @conn (read-string (slurp (io/resource "schema.dtm"))))
@(d/transact @conn [{:db/id :counter :value 0}
{:db/id (d/tempid :db.part/user)
:db/ident :increment
:db/fn (d/function
{:lang "clojure"
:params '[db]
:code '(let [v (:value (d/entity db :counter))]
(println "inc" v)
[{:db/id :counter
:value (inc v)}])})}])))
(defn value
"The current value of the counter"
(:value (d/entity (d/db @conn) :counter)))
(defn increment
"Invoke a transaction function to increment the counter"
@(d/transact @conn [[:increment]]))