Angular seed app setup with a express / oauth / mongodb / bootstrap
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Angular Node Seed with EveryAuth and Bootstrap

This repo is inspired by [Angular Express Seed] (

I could not find a single example application that worked fine with oauth. I always wanted a setup with angular, server side ( rails or node! ) exposing api's with oauth for authentication and any nosql db. I couldnt find any so I started writing my own. This would be my ideal setup for a project as well. Eventually I plan to expand this setup to include all the technologies I mentioned above.

Start an awesome app with AngularJS on the front, Express + Node on the back. This project is an application skeleton for a typical AngularJS web app for those who want to use Node to serve their app.

The seed contains angular libraries, test libraries and a bunch of scripts all preconfigured for instant web development gratification. Just clone the repo (or download the zip/tarball) and you're ready to develop your application.

The seed app shows how to wire together Angular client-side components with Express on the server.

##Note :

Unlike Angular Express Seed this project uses html itself as the templating engine which I personally find more comfortable.

How to use

Clone the express-angular repository and start hacking!

Running the app

Runs like a typical express app:

node app.js


For more information on AngularJS please check out For more on Express is your friends.