Releases rc7

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#Release Information for Release Candidate 7

Release version: Release Candidate 7 (version 0.9.8)

Release date: 2013-12-30

This release candidate completes different features and fixes known bugs. End user documentation (online help) is updated and finalized to match the usage of our latest release candidate.

See Core project changes and Crypto project changes for a complete list.

##New or Enhanced Features ###Core

  • Show help via F1 on active menu item (27)
  • Replace the currently used HEX editor with the Eclipse Hex Editor Plugin (37)
  • BouncyCastle 1.50 integration (72)


  • New visualization plug-in Extended RSA by Christoph Schnepf und Patrick Zillner (FH Hagenberg)
  • New visualization plug-in Signature Demonstration by Cornelia Gierlinger and Florentina Grebe (FH Hagenberg)
  • New visualization plug-in Public-Key Infrastructure by Simon Hornbachner, Marco Macala and Kerstin Reisinger (FH Hagenberg)
  • New visualization plug-in Huffman Coding by Miray Cetin
  • New visualization plug-in Shanks Babystep-Giantstep by Miray Cetin
  • New games plug-in Divide by Sebastian Roland

##Bugfixes ###Core

  • McEliece with the default key parameters checked doesn't work (3)
  • Functional perspective: key pair export fails (32)
  • Usefull names for online help bookmarks (36)


  • Ant Colony Optimization: Add online help (English) (54)
  • Chinese Remainder Theorem: F1 does not link to the existing help pages (55)
  • Extended Euclidean: Help updates (59)
  • Kleptography: Help not linked via F1 (61)
  • Vigenère Breaker: The first opened editor window is always used as input Edit (72), fix provided by Albert Veli