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Build Status MELPA License: GPL v3


Fuzzy matching for `company-mode'.

Pure elisp fuzzy completion for company-mode. This plugin search through all the buffer local company-backends and fuzzy search all candidates.


  • Work across all backends - Any backend that gives list of string should work.
  • Only uses native elisp code - I personally don't prefer any external program unless is necessary.
  • Combined all backends to one backend - Opposite to company-try-hard, hence all possible candidates will be shown in the auto-complete menu.

Differences from other alternatives

  • company-ycmd
    • Uses ycmd as backend to provide functionalities.
    • Quite hard to config properly.
  • company-flx
    • Uses library flx.
    • Only works with elisp-mode currently.


You can enable it globally by adding this line to your config

(global-company-fuzzy-mode 1)

Or you can just enable it in any specific buffer/mode you want.

(company-fuzzy-mode 1)

Make sure you call either of these functions after all company-backends are set and config properly. Because this plugin will replace all backends to this minor mode specific backend (basically take all backends away, so this mode could combine all sources and do the fuzzy work).

Sorting/Scoring backend

There are multiple sorting algorithms for auto-completion. You can choose your own backend by customize company-fuzzy-sorting-backend variable like this.

(setq company-fuzzy-sorting-backend 'alphabetic)

Currently supports these values,

  • none - Gives you the raw result.
  • alphabetic - Sort in the alphabetic order. (VSCode)
  • flx - Sort by flx matching engine. (Sublime Text)

Or implements your sorting algorithm yourself? Assgin the function to company-fuzzy-sorting-function variable like this.

(setq company-fuzzy-sorting-function (lambda (candidates)
                                       (message "%s" candidates)
                                       candidates))  ; Don't forget to return the candidaites!

Prefix ontop

If you wish the prefix matchs ontop of all other selection, customize this variable to t like the line below.

(setq company-fuzzy-prefix-ontop t)

P.S. If you set company-fuzzy-sorting-backend to 'flx then you probably don't need this to be on because the flx scoring engine already take care of that!

For annotation

You can toggle company-fuzzy-show-annotation for showing annotation or not.

(setq company-fuzzy-show-annotation t)

You can also customize annotation prefix and postfix.

  • company-fuzzy-anno-prefix => <
  • company-fuzzy-anno-postfix => >


Since company granted most control to users, every company backend developer has different method of implementing company backend. It is hard to manage all backends to one by varies of rules.

If you encountered the backend that does not work with this package; try add the backend to company-fuzzy--no-prefix-backends. Then this package will try to find the list of candidates when without any prefix. company-yasnippet is one example that doesn't accept any prefix, hence if backend that doesn't gives candidates by any prefix or no prefix then this package can't get the list of candidates to do the fuzzy work.

(add-to-list 'company-fuzzy--no-prefix-backends 'company-yasnippet)

Recommended Settings

There are something that company design it weirdly, in order to make this plugin work smoothly I would recommend these company's variables to be set.

(use-package company
  (setq company-require-match nil)            ; Don't require match, so you can still move your cursor as expected.
  (setq company-tooltip-align-annotations t)  ; Align annotation to the right side.
  (setq company-eclim-auto-save nil)          ; Stop eclim auto save.
  (setq company-dabbrev-downcase nil)         ; No downcase when completion.
  ;; Enable downcase only when completing the completion.
  (defun jcs--company-complete-selection--advice-around (fn)
    "Advice execute around `company-complete-selection' command."
    (let ((company-dabbrev-downcase t))
      (call-interactively fn)))
  (advice-add 'company-complete-selection :around #'jcs--company-complete-selection--advice-around))

P.S. For the full configuration you can check out my configuration here.


If you would like to contribute to this project, you may either clone and make pull requests to this repository. Or you can clone the project and establish your own branch of this tool. Any methods are welcome!

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