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.config add cmus config Dec 20, 2017
.mac add a plist to put in ~/Library/LaunchAgents to set global LANG env Dec 26, 2014
.vim vim: tweak colors a wee bit Dec 23, 2016
bin mailcap: simplify opening things through mutt Aug 16, 2018
.Xdefaults Xdefaults: darker bg Aug 16, 2018
.ackrc this default use of color bullshit has got to stop Jan 16, 2012
.compton.conf compton: more shadow Aug 16, 2018
.cvsrc cvsrc: add some things from default openbsd cvsrc Dec 3, 2015
.fonts.conf fonts.conf: embolden Input Mono ExLight Aug 16, 2018
.gitconfig gitconfig: always use git over ssh Dec 23, 2016
.gitignore ignore .vim/swp Feb 10, 2016
.gtkrc-2.0 gtkrc-2.0: not really needed anymore, just set font Oct 15, 2017
.gvimrc add a macvim config that sets up vim like writeroom Nov 12, 2010
.i3status.conf i3status: include essid Jun 16, 2018
.irbrc add irbrc with a history alias Apr 29, 2014
.lbdbrc add lbdb config to search mac os addressbook for contacts in mutt Dec 11, 2010
.mailcap mailcap: simplify opening things through mutt Aug 16, 2018
.mime.types some minor updates, sync with what i've been running on the laptop Dec 19, 2015
.muttrc muttrc: left on attachment menu exits Aug 16, 2018
.muttrc.lists muttrc.lists: sync Aug 16, 2018
.ratpoisonrc ratpoisonrc: load frames from ~/.ratpoison_frames Aug 16, 2018
.ratpoisonrc.mac ratpoisonrc.mac: use black background Sep 2, 2017
.sqliterc add Mar 11, 2010
.tmux.conf fix tmux config Jun 15, 2011
.vimrc vimrc: automatically calculate NERDTreeWinSize based on $COLUMNS Nov 29, 2017
.xsession xsession: sync with what's on my matebook Aug 16, 2018
.zshrc zshrc: some more aliases Aug 16, 2018 move_in: just update .dotfiles if it exists Feb 19, 2018