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English.lproj add a preference (defaults to no) to show humidity % in task bar
French.lproj Version 1.5.5 - see README.txt
German.lproj 1.5.3-Portuguese,'Forecasts on one line',SMS Alert
Italian.lproj 1.5.3-Portuguese,'Forecasts on one line',SMS Alert
Japanese.lproj 1.5.3-Portuguese,'Forecasts on one line',SMS Alert
Meteorologist.xcodeproj build on lion
Portugal.lproj 1.5.3-Portuguese,'Forecasts on one line',SMS Alert
Spanish.lproj 1.5.3-Portuguese,'Forecasts on one line',SMS Alert
Web Support Pages Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible…
dist New dmg-builder. Not the nicest, since it relies on VERSION, but we c…
frameworks/CURLHandle.framework build on lion
images getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
HowTo.txt Update HowTo.txt to reflect rename of WhatsNew.txt to README.txt
InfoPlist.strings Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible…
MECity.h getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
MECity.m Fix a bunch of memory leaks and other stuff that the static analyzer …
MECityEditor.h version 1.5.1
MECityEditor.m 1.5.3-Portuguese,'Forecasts on one line',SMS Alert
MEController.h version 1.5.1
MEController.m add a preference (defaults to no) to show humidity % in task bar
MEPrefs.h add a preference (defaults to no) to show humidity % in task bar
MEPrefs.m add a preference (defaults to no) to show humidity % in task bar
MEStringSearcher.h getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
MEStringSearcher.m Fix a bunch of memory leaks and other stuff that the static analyzer …
MEWeather.h getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
MEWeather.m 1.5.3-Portuguese,'Forecasts on one line',SMS Alert
MEWeatherModule.h version 1.5.1
MEWeatherModule.m 1.5.3-Portuguese,'Forecasts on one line',SMS Alert
MEWeatherModuleParser.h Version 1.4.9beta10(build 6) committed on behalf of Ed Danley. This v…
MEWeatherModuleParser.m version 1.5.1
MEWebUtils.h Version 1.4.9beta10(build 6) committed on behalf of Ed Danley. This v…
MEWebUtils.m Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible…
MFAlertManager.h Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible…
MFAlertManager.m get rid of annoying single bright pixel in the corner of the screen
MainMenu.xib add a preference (defaults to no) to show humidity % in task bar
Meteo-Logo.tiff getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
Meteo-Spanish.tiff getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
Meteorologist-Info.plist Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible…
Meteorologist_Prefix.h getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
NSString-Additions.h getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
NSString-Additions.m getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
README.txt Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible…
VERSION Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible… New dmg-builder. Not the nicest, since it relies on VERSION, but we c…
localizations.ldb getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
main.m getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
meteo.icns getting rid of the trunk directory and moving everything into the branch
weather.xml Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible…


This file could also be called the change log.

- Condense multiple alert messages into a single message where possible.
- Update find cities location.
- Start Intel 64 bit version.

- Correct French localization (thanks to xf75013).
- Corrected a problem reading an older preference file.
- Correct a problem where only the last of multiple weather alerts were being sent to the alert.

- Remove Wunderground and NWS in weather.xml. It was causing crashes when adding new city.
- Reset Xcode 3.2.6 architecures to regain PPC support.

- Add Portuguese localization.
- Some attempt to fix formatting of "Forecasts on one line"
- Add SMS Alert. Similar to email but less verbose.
- Start to re-add and NWS.

- Fixed "Add City" name parsing.
- Move weather link for alerts to beginning of message. If message was texted and city name was long, link was getting broken.
- Fix ZIP for "Add City" search.
- Corrected "Import this cities preferences" to read "Import this city's preferences" - bug 3015765
- Add city name list now displays up to 25 cities (yes the text wrong)

- Fixed "Forecast - Link".
- Radar Image is now a hyperlink.
- Fixed distance to allow global units.
- German localization updates
- Japanese localization updates
- Fixed memory leaks
- Fixed crash on 10.3 systems
- Restored 9 day forecasts

- Latest site changes (3 Mar 10).
- Added a hyperlink link to weather alert message.
- Fixed some radar display bugs.
- Fixed hyperlink for Web Support Group.
- Update build version.
- Restored full browser based "Weather For" URL, no longer the mobile version.
- Major localization updates, now easier to add new localles.
- Added Italian localization thanks to "asdesign", partially incomplete.
- German localization is partially incomplete (always was).
- Meteo will now auto quit when going to the web server to download a new version.
- Re-added UV Index and Visibility, delete and re-add city if they are not in acceptable order.
- Clicking on a weather alert in the menu will take you to a web page with details.
- Radar will not take up more then 1/3 of the width of your display, if you have too many menu bar items on a smaller width display, radar may be clipped. Perhaps a future update to control actual size.
- Corrected missing highlight bar on 10.3 and 10.4 systems.
- Now only gets up to 5 days of forecast weather regardless of requested value ( split data onto two pages).

- Fixed server support.
- Re-implemented alerts.
- Larger radar images (mostly changes).
- Add option to display or not display message to the console.
- Updated city parser.

- Fixed a bug where the rain icon was displayed during snow flurries
- Fixed a bug where Meteo crashed after wakeup
- Fixed an interface glitch regarding the enabling of Global Units
- Fixed the ability to change the pressure units

- NSLogs are redirected to Meteo.log inside ~/Library/Logs.
- Fixed server support.
- New "Default City" of Cupertino, CA (thanks for the idea, wadetemp).
- Fixed Dock support.
- Meteo can once again automatically check for updates.
- The UV Index and Visibility attributes are not longer available as part of the current conditions (because of how has changed its website).
- Many new forecast attributes are available for extended forecast.

- Identical to version 1.4.0b3

v1.4.0b3: (never released)
- in solution to the various "it just quits" bugs

- Uses CURLHandler instead of NSURLHandler to download internet content.
- Ability to paste the URL of a weather page into the search box (from only) if "Perform Search" does not work.

- Fixed SourceForge Bug #976396 "ZIP code searches do not return results"
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #975997 "Temperature is reading Celsius for Fahrenheit"
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #975970 "Button state problems on "Cities" tab of Preferences"
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #977146 "Minor UI element glitches when editing and updating a city."
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #976035 "Menu bar menu inaccessible if Meteo launched as Startup Item"
- Fixed _initWithWindowNumber "crash" on close
- Fixed low/hi issues for the current night under extended forecast.
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #977204 "Reset to defaults doesn't redraw menubar."
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #978127 "Main menu's 'High' and 'Low' inconsistent with Forecast"
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #978268 "Unicode/Ascii discrepancies"
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #976396 "ZIP code searches do not return results"
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #977789 "Weird redraw bug."

- First build by JoeCrow
- Changed text in city editor to "City or Zip Code Search" instead of "City search"
- Got rid of second popup "weather info."
- Rearranged and Renamed buttons for Preferences Window.
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #975925 "Weather Items can't be reordered.."
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #975943 "Invalid input for update intervals will crash meteo"
- Fixed SourceForget Bug #975941 "Changes to update interval prefs. cannot be applied.
- Made the city editor open up as a sheet.
- Fixed SourceForge Bug #975946 "City Editor dialog gets stuck open"
- Fixed sourceforge bug #976055 "'Date' field makes forecasts incorrect/incomplete."

- First SourceForge team build
- Bug fixes in startup code
- Bug fixes in parsers

- The last update from HEAT
- All weather servers should work again

- Updated homepage link to go straight to sourceforge
- Fixed annoying problem where loading icon would stay in menubar
- Weather Alerts window will now always stay visible
- Fixed trailing nulls problem

- Fixed Wunderground Forecast parsing
- Fixed version number problems in 1.2.7
- Fixed problem where forecast would skip every other day
- Fixed problem where thermometer in dock would not display celsius info properly
- Note: Helvetica-Bold and a white color look really good in Dock mode
- Bug: Seattle has a weird NWS format and currently can't be parsed correctly; this may apply to other cities as well
- Added cool new loading animation (thanks Adam!) in menu bar

- Updated parsing engine for new Wunderground format
- Meteo will no longer continuously reposition itself on the left of the menu bar after being launched
- Fixed Weather Alerts - the music plays on now!
- Fixed problem where Wunderground forecast info wasn't being relayed
- Fixed problem where no icon was shown in the menu bar
- Weather Alert window will no longer hide when Meteo deactivates
- Updated parsing engine for new city format for NWS
- Added wind icons (thanks Adam!)

- "Kill other Meteo" is now an option in the preferences
- Temperature data from wunderground and NWS will be mapped as so:
	low 10's => 12
	mid/middle 10's => 15
	upper 10's => 18
- Radio buttons for weather alerts are now check boxes
- Radio buttons for cycling cities are now check boxes
- Removed html garbage and ads that were showing up in extending forecast
- Added exception handlers to hopefully prevent MMS (missing menu symptom)
- If icons can't be downloaded to /Library/Application Support (requires admin privileges), they will be downloaded to ~/Library/Application Support instead
- Changed naming of record and normal hi's and low's
- Closing Alerts window now stops music/beeping
- Added threading support (experimental)
- Improved interlacing of weather data (hopefully fixes problem where Friday Night was before Friday, etc)
- Mapped most NWS icons correctly
- Pressure shouldn't be reported as a wind attribute anymore
- NWS will now relay current forecast info again
- Because NWS and Wunderground don't provide a current weather image, Meteo looks at the first forecast image for those servers, explaining why some users get a moon image during the day; I'll look into a better way for the future

- Added "Kill other Meteo" on launch feature (only effects 1.2.5 and later)
- Made the default server, the last
- Fixed problem some people where having with extended forecast and
- Changed "Load New Data" to "Refresh"
- Added awesome new icons: BIG THANKS TO ADAM BETTS!
- Moved icons to /Library/Application Support/Meteo
- Icons now only need to be downloaded once instead of each time you download Meteo
- Noted bug - sometimes the hi is really the low and vice versa for
- Added option to disable weather servers that you have already looked your city up on
- Meteo now displays its name in the Dock instead of its version number
- Improved NWS parser (again)
- Nights are back for extended forecasts
- Rearranged the preferences again, deleting one tab
- Added Meters per second
- Added "Grouping" feature - check out the "Weather Items" tab and hit the "+" button to see
- Fixed bug that limited city search results
- Added character cap that prevents menus from being too wide (doesn't effect inlined forecasts)
- Added Weather Alerts tab to preferences

- Updated Meteo for new and improved format... (sigh)
- Fixed "string out of bounds" error that would sometimes cause Meteo to not display a menu
- About tab now allows user to scroll in text fields
- Potentially fixed problems people where having with corrupted preferences
- Added Hectopascal unit for pressure readings
- Added better radar and NWS image caching for faster updates
- Added preference to change embedding of controls (Quit, etc)

- Fixed update bug where after changing the order of cities, Meteo would stop displaying any menu at all
- Fixed bug where Meteo would have no title or image when launched with no internet connectivity
- Fixed bug where cities looked up in NWS system would have first two letters truncated
- Fixed bug related to importing other city weather items
- Shrunk preference window to help out people with prefer lower resolutions
- Added About tab to preferences
- Merged cycling controls into Units tab
- Added Knots to speed units
- Fixed several little bugs in city editor
- Fixed bug where if the main city (the one showing in the menu bar), then two instances of the main city will appear - one in the menu bar and one in the menu below
- "Update Menu Now" button will cycle the active cities now only if the cycle mode is activated in the preferences
- Created "Group" for users to post comments and concerns:
- Forecast inlining is off by default now
- Fixed bug where if a user had radar images on, wunderground active, and wunderground didn't have radar images, then no weather info was displayed at all
- Removed pointless 10th day forecast option
- Improved NWS parser engine (again)
- Cycling should now work better now
- Added NWS radar images

- Increased the maximum menu bar font size to 24
- Fixed odd dragging behavior (use to be more like swap)
- Fixed problem where forecast items looked like they could be dragged to the current weather table.
- Added City Switcher menu item
- Added proper city cycling preference, as well as cycling to new active cities preference
- Fixed problem where data would be shown twice for inlined forecasts (only effects newly created cities - this behavior can be fixed manually in the City Editor window, under the Weather items tab for existing cities).
- Combined City Window with Preference window.
- Re-implemented Link support
- Improved the and NWS parser engine, meaning more info from these servers and fewer instances of displaying garbage
- Added support for Radar Images ( and
- Updated for new format

- Fixed Moon Rise and Moon Set not always showing
- Fixed Wind not showing in Kilometers per Hour when it should
- Added displaying forecast items inline (one line)
- Added Font size controls for the menu bar
- Fixed a bug in the Wunderground city search (skipping every other result)
- I have learned how to spell Version again... :sigh:
- Fixed bug where NWS weather lookup would cause Meteo to lock up on launch
- Fixed bug where dragging cities or weather items in a certain way could cause them to disappear
- Added global unit controls
- Added warning window when a user tries to add a city without performing a lookup on any of the weather servers
- Added auto-fill of City Search field
- Fixed bug that prevented Meteo from working right on 10.1.5
- Added dialog window asking if a user wants to save unsaved preferences when quitting
- Menu bar item now highlights when clicked on
- Old data is still displayed even after a loss of network connectivity: servers that did not retrieve enough information are shown in the cities window as being grayed out.
- Added Instructions.rtf file; it's still a little rough around the edges
- Improved the overall interface; keep suggestions coming!

- Added multiple, simultaneous city support
- Added multiple city cycling (first two cities, then next two, etc)
- Added version checking and server error checking on launch
- Added multiple, simultaneous server support (, Wunderground.con, and NWS)
	- Get info from any of these servers...
	- Or get info from all these servers at the same time!
- Improved menu layout
- Added individualized unit controls
- Made Forecast and Current Weather items be set on a per city basis
- Fixed potential bug where nothing would display in the menu bar
- Fixed bug where a drop down menu would not always be displayed
- Lost some features (Clicking on the city name now does not open up a browser... this be a challenge, especially in Dock mode)
- Still missing:
	Much of the extended forecast info off of NWS and Wunderground
	Better data formating
	Additional Icon sets
	A more "global" icon
- Several things I'm sure I forgot

- Fixed parsing engine for (silly

- Re-aranged the preferences in a much clear way (thanks for the mock ups Joshua Ochs!)
- Temperature data will now always be displayed with the degree symbol (¡)
- It works again: changed their format a little, so I had to tweak my algorithm to compensate.  I apologize for the delay.

- The icon set is now complete (thanks Sara Romini!) - feel free to create your own icon sets and email me - I'll mirror them on my website
- "Bad" info will no longer be displayed... really.
- One cavet to the above: the temperature always has to be displayed (so it will show up as N/A)
- If valid data use to exist, new data which is corrupt will be discarded and the meteo icon will be given a red hue... really.
- Preference changes now have to be applied by pushing a button - this helps out slower systems that couldn't handle applying preferences each time one was changed
- Made preference layout cleaner, while making the Update tab seem more naked (what else can I put there?)

- Fixed bug where forecast information was displayed in the opposite format than the preferences indicated
- Fixed bug where the icon in the menu would eventually become a solid red color
- Improved error range when converting between SI and Metric
- Hi and lo temperaturers, when displayed inline, will now be ordered hi and then lo
- Added interface (not implementation yet) for using other weather sources, including combining the data from multiple sources
- Added short name column to cities table: this editable column allows the displayed city name to be user defined
- Added ability to reorder cities table
- No more spelling errors!
- Unlimited visibility will no longer be displayed as 0
- The first forecast info is now Today's or Tonight's info, not tomorrows
- There are now 10 instead of 9 forecast days
- Changed Vision to Visibility
- Except for in a few cases, data recieved from which is useless (i.e. N/A) will not be displayed
- Even more, and higher quality, icons where added, accounting for the increase in size of the download

- Found and fixed bug that prevented 10.2.x version from working on 10.1.x; it was a problem with loading images by URL
- Added better handling of bad data, hopefully preventing some of the crashes users have been seeing
- Meteo will now load local images instead of the ugly images... as soon as there are images - I have a few people volunteering their time, but please be patient, as there are over 40 images to make in people's free time
- Added new, spiffy image for Meteo, created by Flavio Andrade.  Thanks a ton!
- Added preference validation routine which should make it unneccessary to ever trash your preferences again
- Bug in "dock mode" that prevents active location from being represented with a check mark in the "Location Switcher" menu has been noted - it's an Apple thing, I have no control over this behavior.  This also prevents images from being displayed in the dock menu.
- Added tool tip to menu bar - holding the mouse over Meto in the menu bar will now display a little yellow box indicating the location of the currently active city
- Local images for the menu's and menu bar are of size 16 by 16, and for the dock icon are of size 128 by 128 (when local images become available)
- Added better centering for different sizes and menu fonts (it's not perfect - some fonts will simply not look good)
- Made LucidaGrande size 14 the default menu font
- Meteo icon will now be displayed in the dock icon or menu bar if no image can be found for the current weather
- Menu bar and dock icon will have a red hue whenever the last info downloaded from the server was bad - if there was previous data that was good, that will be displayed instead
- Reorganized preferences some more (thanks for the suggestion Ronald Leroux)
- Added preference to not show degree symbols after temperatures
- Added instructions on how to run multiple versions of meteo that will display different cities

- Special build for 10.1.5 (shouldn't be necessary in the future, yay!)
- Fixed part of the problem about Meteo crashing on launch

- Precipitation in todays weather no longer tries to do some silly metric conversions
- Fixed problem where pressure preference somehow controlled temperature preference instead
- City codes should no longer get cut off in the two tables
- Updated the Problems.txt file
- Added reset defaults button to preferences (no more trashing the Meteorologist.plist file!)
- Multiple kilometers are now displayed as km instead of kms
- Made display of dates look better (i.e Sun, Sep 22 10:36 PM)
- Location tables now allow you to resize (although not reorder) their contents
- Clarified that Dock font/image controls relate to the icon, not the menu
- Removed "Font Name" popup button from Menu Display preference tab - I have no idea why that was there
- Added preferences to change the font and size of the text displayed in the menu bar (not the menu items)
- Clicking on the menu bar item now properly highlights the item
- Images size better in menu bar
- Created RoadMap.txt

- NOTE: Meteo only *officially* works on 10.2.  Users having problems with N/A (to my knowledge) have only been using 10.1.5.  I plan to build a version on a 10.1.5 machine I make at work in a week to compensate 
- Added metric supprot for wind, visibility, and pressure
- Added ability to rearrange the order of the current day's long range forecast's menu items
- Added hi, low, and precipitation directly to the current weather information area
- Removed first day in long range forecast (it was essentially redundant), so there is only 9 now
- Added ability to group todays weather data in a sub menu
- Added option to cycle through the set of choosen units
- Added option to display the current city name (or not), weather icon (or not), and temperature (or not) in the menu bar
- Added option to disable displaying temperature in the dock

- Temperatures in Celsius no longer have long trailing decimal places
- All menu items are dark black instead of some of them being light gray
- Added progress bar when obtaining possible matches to desired cities
- Error message now displays when searching for the code for a city that doesn't exist
- Added field to "New Location" window that indicates the city behind the code (takes affect after next location set)
- City Lookup now works even if that city is the only one in the world with that name
- City Lookup now supports cities with spaces
- Preferences are a little cleaner
- Added support for multiple locations
- Simplified process for looking up locations
- Auto-update works again
- Fixed spelling errors (percipitation != precipitation)
- Added ability to display last update time in menu
- Added *potential* fix for people who are behind firewalls
- If an update fails (except for the first attempt), bad data will not be displayed
- Preferences are wiped if you used an older version - sorry, but it was neccessary
- Preference added to change the minutes between updates from 1 to 120

- Added international weather support
- Added City Lookup function to "New Location" window (not threaded, yet)
- Fixed bug when converting from Celsius to Fahrenheight (rounding error)
- Meteorologist has always updated every 15 minutes - now it's documented :)

v0.0.0 - v1.0.x
- Much was done, little was recorded
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