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For information on the NO_COLOR standard, see

Adding software

To add or update software on the website, clone this Git repository and update with a line under the appropriate section, keeping entries in alphabetical order.

The line must be formatted as:

For libraries:
| [Software Name](URL) | Short description | Language(s) | [YYYY-MM-DD / X.X.X](URL) |

For general software:
| [Software Name](URL) | Short description | [YYYY-MM-DD / X.X.X](URL) |

For the third/fourth field (the date and version number), the value should refer to the first release of the software available with NO_COLOR support, with a link to the release notes for that version.

If a version is not available, just include a date and link to the commit when NO_COLOR support was added.

Make the description as short as possible, avoiding superfluous adjectives like "the best ..." or "an all-new ...".

Once your entry is complete, commit your changes, push to your cloned repo, and then submit a pull request to this repository. If you do not have a GitHub account, e-mail your diff to Once your change is merged, the website will be automatically rebuilt within a few minutes.

Testing changes

If you are making extensive changes to the output and want to verify them in a browser before committing, you can setup a Jekyll environment with:

no_color$ bundle install
no_color$ bundle exec jekyll serve

And then visit