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For information on the NO_COLOR standard, see

Adding software

To add or update software on the website, clone this Git repository and update with a line under the appropriate section, keeping entries in alphabetical order. The line should be formatted as:

 | [Software Name](URL) | Short description | [X.Y.Z or YYYY-MM-DD](URL) |

A version number of the first release available with NO_COLOR support is preferred, with a link to the release notes for that version. Otherwise, a date of the commit when NO_COLOR support was added can be used with the link pointing to the commit.

Commit your changes, push to your cloned repo, and then submit a pull request to this repository. If your change is merged, the website will be automatically rebuilt.

Testing changes

If you are making extensive changes to the output and want to verify them in a browser before committing, you can setup a Jekyll environment with:

no_color$ bundle install
no_color$ bundle exec jekyll serve

And then visit


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