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(Note: this was migrated from commits on upstream's master branch to a new jcs branch on 2016-12-19, then rebased on 2017-09-27)

This is mostly just a tree for me to throw stuff into and some of these may not be suitable for pushing upstream.

  • Native workspaces using vinit, vselect, vmove, and vdump commands. Configured with set virtuals #. No more shelling out to rpws which is horribly slow under heavy system load.

  • A barsticky toggle to keep the current window title visible all the time.

  • Add a gap setting which puts space inside of frames, outside of the window border, similar to i3-gaps.

  • Add an ignorehints toggle which will ignore PResizeInc hints. This is useful for making terminal windows use the full frame size instead of constraining to a per-character-cell multiplier for the width and height.

  • Add a resizefmt format setting, to control the label shown when interactively resizing a frame, and change the default to show the frame width and height.

  • Support the _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW atom.

  • Support the _NET_WORKAREA atom to communicate our padding values with apps like notification-daemon, so they don't appear on top of whatever is in that padding area.