SiriProxy plugin for controlling an Ecobee thermostat
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by joshua stein

This is a SiriProxy plugin for controlling an Ecobee Internet-connected thermostat. A video demonstration can be viewed here.

Copy the lines from config-info.yml to your ~/.siriproxy/config.yml file, setting the ecobee_username and ecobee_password parameters to the proper settings you use for

Commands currently supported ("heat", "air", and "air conditioning" can all be used for a system name):

  1. "Turn the heat up", "Turn the heat down", "Turn the air up", "Turn the air down".

    Adjusts the hold temperature for that system to its current setting, plus or minus one degree.

  2. "Set the heat to 70 degrees"

    Just that.

  3. "Turn the heat off" or "Turn the air conditioning off"

    Requires confirmation to make sure Siri heard you right.

  4. "Turn the heat on" or "Turn the air on"

    Turns that system on and reports back its pre-programmed hold temperature.

  5. "What's the temperature in here" or "What is the temperature in the house" (or "apartment" or "room")

    Report back the current room and system hold temperature.

This plugin uses Ecobee's JSON web API that their Android/iPhone app uses (as I wrote about previously). This API is not public, so it may change or stop working at any time.

I am not responsible if your house catches on fire.