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A ground control station built with web technologies
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Ground Control Station (GCS) built with web technologies

This project is a very basic ground control station (GCS) for autonomous UAVs. Currently, it can communicate via UDP only. It's built using only web-based technologies. Desktop builds are possible on all major operating systems thanks to Electron.

This app has only been tested on Ubuntu Linux so far. YMMV.

Libraries and Technologies used


You must have Node and Yarn installed to run the development version of ElectroLift.

To build

yarn install
yarn run build:watch

To run

yarn start

Running the simulator

You will also need a drone simulator. Go to the link here and follow the instructions. Return to these docs after you complete the step where you run vagrant up:

In Tools/autotest/locations.txt, there is a list of location names along with their lat/lon coordinates. Feel free to add your own entries.

In the same directory, run: vagrant ssh -c " -j 2 -L <name-of-location>"

You'll currently need another ground control station (GCS) to set missions up. Once you have a mission planned and written to the device, you can just click "Start Mission" on the interface to launch the (virtual) drone!


This project uses the MIT License, so you're free to pretty much do whatever you want with it. However, there are GPL libraries used in this project.

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