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Your Go Development Setup.... in a Container!! (choose IntelliJ or VSCode with Go plugin)
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GDEC [gee-dec] aka Golang Development Environment Container

GDEC is a collection of images that sets up a Go Development Environment with a standard set of tools and features. The only difference between each image is the IDE / editor used. They are separated out into different images to prevent a single image from growing too large.

Table of Contents


Installing Requirements


GUI-Based Editors Containers

Text-Based Editors Containers

  • TODO


  • jcscottiii/base-gdec Docker Hub Badge is the base image that contains all the tools and Go.
    • TODO: Once there are text-based editors, they will inherit from base-gdec.
    • jcscottiii/base-gui-gdec Docker Hub Badge inherits from base-gdec and then includes all the libraries to render GUI applications


  • Install other Go IDEs / editors
  • Install other Go Tools
  • Get instructions for other operating systems
  • Talk about exposing ports to demo debugging web services in the container.


This would not have been possible without those existing sources on the Internet as this is my first Dockerfile from scratch.

  • Haven Nightly Art for tips on running GUI apps on Mac OS X
  • This very long issue in docker for Mac OS X GUI help
  • @jfrazelle's Visual Studio Code Dockerfile for tips on setting VSCode up.
  • Project Atomic's post on helping set up non-root user.
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