Simple DHT proof of concept in Python
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 Naive implementation of DHT over a UDP overlay network

 This was just code I wrote for fun and learn more about the concepts of DHT

 To use this:

 Start this process on several nodes (or the same node, but different ports)
 python --localip --localport 10001 (first node)
 python --localip --localport 10002 --peerip --peerport 10001  
 (for each additional node, where localIP:localport are unique)

 Peerip and peerport just need to point to another node already running trabuco, 
 once connected, it will get a list of all the other peers can can connect directly to them

 Use the script to GET and SET keys/values
 ./ --key foo --value bar

     curl -X POST -d 'foo=bar' http://localhost:5000/trabuco/keys/
     curl http://localhost:5000/trabuco/keys/foo

Copyright © 2017 by Jean-Christophe Smith