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pat - the fastest way to run a Celestia light node

pat is f.k.a. Quazar, f.k.a. Quasar

quazar ✨ a Celestia light node macOS app

Introducing quazar ✨ v0.3.0-alpha, a Celestia light node macOS app, written in Swift.

A quasar (quasi-stellar object) is a very luminous object in space, powered by an active galactic nucleus (a light node).

Features ⚙️

v0.3.0-alpha of this app runs on the Arabica devnet (chain ID arabica-10) and has the following functions:

  • 🟣 Initialize your Celestia light node: this initializes a Celestia light node in the application's local storage
  • 🟢 Start your node: this starts the light node
  • 🔴 Stop your node: this stops the light node
  • 🪙 Check your balance: this displays the node's balance in TIA to 6 decimal places
  • 📋 Account address: copy to clipboard: this is to make it easy to use the faucet and check your balance
  • 🗑️ Delete your data store: deletes the data store for the node (use with caution)
  • 🔐 Delete your key store: deletes the key store for the node, the account my_celes_key (use with caution)
  • 🔥 Delete entire node store: deletes both the data and key store (use with caution)
  • 🚰 Faucet: a direct link to an Arabica faucet
  • 🔎 Block explorer: a direct link to a block explorer for Arabica

DASer sampling statistics

  • 🧪 Sampled chain head: the head of the chain that the light node has sampled
  • 🎣 Catchup head: the head of the chain the node has synchronized
  • 🌐 Network head height: the head of chain of the network

Installation 🏗️

macOS download 💾

The latest release with quazar.dmg images for Mac can be found on the latest release page.

Download quazar.dmg to your computer and open it from your downloads folder. Then, drag the "quazar" icon to the "Applications" folder.

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 1 03 06 AM

Video tutorial 📺

You can view the latest video tutorial here.

Troubleshooting 🛠️

If you encounter a warning when you open the app, you will need to go to your System Preferences > Privacy & Security > Security and select "App Store and identified developers".

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 4 07 52 PM

Prerequisites 🧱

The current version requires:

  • macOS 13.1 or higher
  • Macs equipped with M1 or M2 chips (as the celestia binary is built specifically for ARM Macs in the versions)

Application dependencies ⬇️

Xcode project 🔨

The Xcode project can be found in node-app.

Developer dependencies 👩‍💻

  • Xcode

App previews 💻

Before starting a node 🎬

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 12 45 44 AM

Initializing a node 🟣

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 12 46 18 AM

Running a node 🟢

Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 12 46 59 AM