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Getting a profile

Who is considered an active researcher?

Profiles are automatically created for active researchers at the University. An active researcher is defined as someone who is the following:

  • A current member of staff;
  • Is not a casual staff member;
  • Holds a position that is classified as academic (AC) or research (RS), except general research staff (award type of RESG); and
  • Has at least one visible (non-thesis) publication in the JCU publication repository, ResearchOnline@JCU.
    • Note: A thesis is an unpublished work and will not be included in the set of publications shown.

If you need to deposit publications into ResearchOnline@JCU, you, or someone on your behalf, can do so online.


For researchers that hold adjunct positions, a profile is created for those that:

  • Have at least one visible (non-thesis) publication in the JCU publication repository, ResearchOnline@JCU; and
  • Are a principal investigator of a current grant, or currently supervising a :abbr:`HDR (Higher Degree Research)` student, or have at least 5 publications in the last 5 years where at least one paper is co-authored with a current (non-adjunct) JCU researcher.

This profile is initially hidden, so in order to be seen publicly you will need to :ref:`edit your profile <edit-profile>`.

Special situtations

Profiles are also created for research managers (such as College Deans, Pro-Vice Chancellors and Academic Deans of Research) and Emeritus Professors, provided one visible publication is stored in ResearchOnline@JCU.

Can't see your profile?

If your profile doesn't appear to be present, check through each of the points above. For a profile to appear, all information in the respective central database or system must be correct and up-to-date. Once data has been updated in the relevant central system, updates occur :ref:`perodically <recent-changes>`.