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Multimedia playback configuration for Raspberry Pi devices
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Auto-media streaming via Raspberry Pi


  • Builds a hardware-accelerated version of mpv media player for the Raspberry Pi
  • Auto-plays media streams or files via mpv on boot
  • Plays a custom text-based playlist of files or video streams or any other sources
  • Auto-loops on finishing playback
  • Auto-resumes media streams on network or other failure
  • Provides systemd service for controlling media playback remotely
  • Customises the desktop background
  • Prevents the display from sleeping


git clone
cd media-streaming-pi

See how to set media sources below.

This has been tested with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus running Raspbian but should work on all models; your performance may suffer on earlier models depending on what videos you are playing back.


Under the hood, this configuration uses mpv and will play back any file, URL or source that it can on a Raspberry Pi. We are primarily using this to playback media streams on HLS/RTSP but playing back file-based content should work just as well (including YouTube). The best playback results from having content fit your display size; in other words, make your content fit your display (eg 1080p) and it needs to be a format that is compatible with Pi hardware acceleration (eg MMAL).

The media stream will start playing automatically after desktop login or installation and will restart automatically if the media ends or dies for any reason. For media streams, this means it will automatically attempt to resume on network failure and for file locations, it will.

Setting a source

By default, we use a known good stream (the Orpheus Island underwater camera) but it's easy to set your own playback sources.

To configure which source to play back automatically, add mpv-compatible locations to this text file, one source per line:


The sources will be played back in order. Valid sources include file locations (eg /home/pi/big-buck-bunny.mp4, camera streams like rtsp://, web locations like and so on). If playing back a file, ensure the file is actually present on the Pi's filesystem.

Customising options

To configure options on how mpv plays back media, consult the man page above and then edit the script at, ensuring that the command remains running in the foreground as the last line.

Starting and stopping

If you want to use the Raspberry Pi temporarily without having the media playing, you can control the playback via systemctl.

To stop the playback, stop the service:

sudo systemctl stop media-autoplay

To start it again, do the following:

sudo systemctl start media-autoplay

If you are interactively using a keyboard and mouse with the Pi and need to get to a terminal, use Ctrl+Alt+F1 to switch to to a different TTY, login and then issue the relevant command and switch back to the X Server TTY with Ctrl+Alt+F7. Alternatively, you can SSH in over the network and stop the service that way.

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