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JCU Web Framework for React
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JCU Web Framework for React

Build Status JavaScript Style Guide

This package can be used in two different ways: as a library of React components or as the Living Style Guide for James Cook University.



To set up for development, run the following to start the Styleguidist server:

yarn start

To run the tests on the code:

yarn test

You can also check code coverage using:

yarn test --coverage

You can debug interactively using Chrome's Developer Tools or Node's CLI interface using the commands respectively:

yarn test-inspect
yarn test-inspect-cli

Building the library

To build the underlying JavaScript library for inclusion in other projects or for publishing to the npm package registry:

yarn compile

You can now use the build in other projects locally (such as via yarn link).

Publishing the library

When you are ready to publish, do this:

# Update and package.json and commit changes first!
yarn publish --access public

This process automatically runs yarn compile via the prepublish script within package.json so you don't need to remember to do it.

Due to yarn missing 2FA support, you might need to use npm just for this publishing process instead:

npm publish --access public

Publishing the style guide

The styleguide is separate to the npm package and can be built like so:

yarn styleguide:build

Now, copy files located within styleguide/ to your static web host via a command like:

rsync --progress --delete -a styleguide/


  • To upgrade react-scripts (create-react-app), then follow the instructions in the main README.

  • Ensure eslint version matches that which specified as a react-scripts dependency. If it's not exactly the same, yarn start will fail. Ignore its instructions and update our own package.json here.

Coding standards

The codebase adheres to JavaScript Standard Style and changes are automatically checked in a pre-commit hook.

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