Customizable Monoshape Vector Icon Theme for GTK+
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  _____ _            _ _ 
 / ____| |          (_) |
| |    | | __ _ _ __ _| |_ _   _
| |    | |/ _` | '__| | __| | | |
| |____| | (_| | |  | | |_| |_| |
 \_____|_|\__,_|_|  |_|\__|\__, |
                            __/ |
Clarity Vector Icon theme for GTK

Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 license <>
Copyright (c) 2010-2017 Jakub Jankiewicz <>

This theme is based on AwOken and Token, lots of shapes and basic color pallete was
taken from these icons. Few icons was taken from Raphael <>.
I use some shapes from OpenClipart <>, Wikipedia, Humanity and
AnyColorYouLike Themes. The rest of icons I design myself by simplifying existed icons 
or logos. I use two fonts: Impact and Cheboygan.

Icons are mostly monoshape, but some icons have additional elements. There are nine
predefined color themes (in five colors) but you can also crete your own.

Available theme:
  violaceus        - violet/pink gradient
  lux_violaceus    - glossy variant
  canus            - grey gradient (default)
  dark_canus       - dark grey gradient
  caeruleus        - blue gradient
  lux_caeruleus    - glossy variant
  viridis          - green gradient
  luteus           - orage gradient
  albus            - white solid


  copy Clarity folder to ~/.icons or /usr/share/icons as root

on Ubuntu based systems you can install Clarity from PPA:

 $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jcubic/jcubicppa && sudo apt-get update

 $ sudo apt-get install clarity-icon-theme


To change color theme of icons:

  1. open folder ~/.icons/Clarity
  2. double click change-theme
  3. select the theme and click ok

If you install this theme from deb or PPA

  gksu change-theme

To run the script you must have installed zenity

You can also run from terminal:

  make <name of the theme>


  make fedora

available logos are: debian fedora gentoo gnome kubuntu madriva 
                     mint suse ubuntu xfce xubuntu 

you must run this command from ~/.icons folder or /usr/share/icons/Clarity
if you install from deb or PPA.


Every icon is made from a single shape and a template so it's easy to customize.
You can create custom theme by creating new file src/template_<your_name>.svg
see default templates to see how they are build. Basicly all templates must have
{{PATH}} and {{TITLE}} marks which will be replaced by data from the "source"
of an icon. You can create theme in Inkscape but after saving you must put {{PATH}}
marker in d atrribute of the shape (I don't tested but it sould work). You 
can also edit template by hand see SVG Specification <>
to see what transformations and effects you can add.

If you done editing your custom template double click change-theme and select
<your_name> to create your custom icons.

If you want to use make you must run ./configure first


Enneric Valmorin
Chris Lenk