Command Line tool for download file from file hosting sites.
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Copyright(c) 2010 Jakub Jankiewicz

File Site Hosting Downloader

It Support download from rapidshare, 4shared, przeklej and wrzuta

you must have installed Ruby and wget

you can use it in terminal
download.rb <url>

If you have file with urls
download.rb -f <filename>

If you have ADSL router you can't use reconection when download file from Rapidshare
download.rb -s <router password> -f <filename> -d <router type>

supported router type: livebox and dlink (tested on D-LINK DSL-2640B)

If you download file from you can provide password and login for download file larger than 50MB

download.rb -u <user name> -p <password> (-f <filename> | url)