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0.8.4 fix exception on dragging
0.8.3 check if menu plugin from jQuery exists before calling
0.8.2 fix rename when file start with the same string #1
0.8.1 remove condesponsor ad from README
0.8.0 context menu
allow to create new file/directory
exists option executed before creating new file/directory
markdown icon
few bug fixes
0.7.3 prevent opening file on enter when focus in adress bar
0.7.2 fix error while reading `then` from dir if don't return a promise
0.7.1 some missing changes
0.7.0 drag & drop + promise based processing
0.6.6 Fix opening opening file/directories by double click and drag and drop in Firefox
0.6.5 Fix enter on active icon
0.6.4 Smal css fixes and add copyrigth notice to minified css files
0.6.3 Fix renaming and refresh all widgets if they have same name and path
0.6.2 Fix rectangle selection
0.6.1 Fix renaming using slow double click
0.6.0 Fix draging selection
Improve keyboard navigation
Add selection by space
Renaming with clicking on name of the file/directory
Fix rectangle selection when icons don't take all space of the container
0.5.2-4 Fix selection class when click on widget
0.5.1 fix rectangle selection when parent of the widget is scrolled down
0.5.0 dragging selection, rectangle selection
0.4.0 navigation using keyboard, fix scrollbar on content, fix cut/copy, drag and drop
0.3.0 Moving/copying files using copy/cut/paste and new api methods
0.2.0 Address bar and change callback function names
0.1.0 Base code