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# jQuery File Browser version {{VER}}
jQuery File Browser is a plugin for creating OS like file browsers.
# installation
to install you can grab the files from the repo or install from
## bower
bower install jquery.filebrowser --save
## npm
npm install jquery.filebrowser --save
include the files:
<script src="js/jquery.filebrowser.min.js"></script>
<link href="css/jquery.filebrowser.min.css" rel="stylesheet"/>
and you can use this code to initialize the plugin:
$(function() {
var browse = $('#browser').browse({
root: '/',
separator: '/',
contextmenu: true,
dir: function(path) {
return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
if (path == '/') {
resolve({dirs: ['foo', 'bar'], files: []});
} else if (path == '/foo/') {
resolve({dirs: [], files: ['baz', 'quux']});
} else if (path == '/bar/') {
resolve({dirs: [], files: ['lorem', 'ipsum']});
} else {
reject(); // for cases when you type wrong path in address bar
open: function(filename) {
console.log('opening ' + filename);
All user functions that modify the Directory like create, remove, copy, rename can return a promise,
and the plugin will refresh the view (call dir function) when it's resolved.
more examples and usage in [examples directory](
# Requirement
If you want context menu (enabled using contextmenu option) you'll need jQuery UI and of course you need jQuery itself.
# Options
* name - used to distinguish different filesystem for copying nad moving files (rename)
* dir - function that should return a promise that resolve to object `{files: <ARRAY>, dirs: <ARRAY>}` or return that object
* exists - function that will return true/false or a promise that resolve to true/false that indicate if file or directory exists (used when create new file/directory)
* separator - path separator (a string) usualy `/` or `\` (to use `\` you need to put `'\\'`) default /
* root - root of the filesystem, it can be any path like `/home/<user>`, default `/`
* change - callback function that's called on refresh of the directory
* init - callack executed on initalization of the plugin
* item_class - function that should return addiional classes for the element (directory or file) you can use this to have different icons for C or D drive that's in root directory, see [windows example](
* dbclick_delay - if the time of the second click is lower then this but hight then rename_delay it's consider as action for rename a file or directory
* open - callback function executed with path of the file when you double click on the file
* rename - callback function called with old path nad new path when you rename a file or direcoty
* create - callback called with path of the new file or directory and string 'directory' or 'file' as second argument
* copy - callback executed when you copy a file using CTRL+C and CTRL+V
* upload - callback called with file object and the path when you drag and drop a file or directory to browser container, you can also drag into visible directory
* error - called when error accured like when you try to enter invalid path in address bar
* refresh_timer - timeout after fetch of the content of the file in miliseconds, used to see visible refresh when you change direcotry (you can set it to 0), default 100
* menu - should return object which keys are names of the context menu and values are other object (they will create submenus) or a function that will be executed when menu item is click it acceppt single argument string 'li' or 'content' depend if you click on file/directory or on empty browser space. example:
menu: function(type) {
if (type == 'li') {
return {
'alert': function($li) {
alert('alert for item ' + $li.text());
} else {
return {
'Create File': function() {
var name = prompt('name: ');
var path;
if (name) {
path = this.join(this.path(), name);
this.create('file', path);
# API methods
* path - return current path
* name - return settings name
* back - go back one directory
* destroy - remove all events and DOM nodes
* create - function(type, [path]) - create new directory of file (depend of first argument which is string 'file' or 'directory') if there is second argument it will create new file/directory of it's undefined it will create placeholder for file/directory with textarea to enter name
* copy - selected files/directories for later paste
* cut - like copy but when call paste it will remove old items
* paste - if cut was executed it will call settings.rename and if copy was called it will call settings.copy and then refresh all views with the same directory
* up - go up one directory
* show - call settings.dir and rerender the directory view
* join - return new path based on settings.separator and settings.root, accept any number of arguments
* split - split the path using settings.separator and settings.root
* walk - function(filename, fn) - call function for each file/directory the signature for callaback function: function(path_part, last, return_value) the function return value from last call to callback function, 3rd argument is a value from previous call to callback function.
# License
Licensed under [MIT]( license
Copyright (c) 2016-2018 [Jakub T. Jankiewicz](
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