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bm-workspaces: a set of nip2 workspaces for technical imaging

This nip2 workspace is for working with technical images of museum objects. It is useful for colour calibration, preparation of false-colour images, and calibration of fluorescence images.


The development of these workspaces was funded by The British Museum under the EU CHARISMA programme. They were developed by Joanne Dyer, Giovanni Verri and John Cupitt.


For this workspace to work well, you need to take care importing images from your camera. The workspace assumes that the ICC profile attached to the image will not apply a tone curve.

In PhotoShop, turn off everything you can, and select no tone curve.

You can import with rawtherapee like this:

$ rawtherapee -p rawtherapee-import-params.pp3 -t -c *.CR2

where rawtherapee-import-params.pp3 is in this directory.

Installing nip2

nip2 is the GUI of the vips image processing system. You can download the program from the vips website.

There are versions for Windows and OS X. On Linux, start your package manager and search for nip2.

Loading the workspace

Start nip2 and drag bm-workspaces.ws into the main window, or alternatively select File / Open. The workspace needs nip2 8.2 or later.

There is a manual on how to use the workspace on the British Museum page for this project:


Also here

charisma-bm-workspace.ws is an earlier version of the workspace which will work with older versions of nip2.

bm-workspaces-perugino.ws is exactly bm-workspaces.ws, but set up to process a sample set of images of a drawing by Perugino.

CHANGELOG lists the changes made to the workspace over the years.

TODO lists a few ideas and issues.