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Missing e: {browser extension/add-on for Tumblr!}

Missing e is a set of tools, features and interface changes for Tumblr. What started out as a bunch of userscripts has been incorporated into a full-fledged browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari!


Jeremy Cutler (
Released under the GPL Version 3 (or later) License

Missing e Change History

By downloading and using this extension, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the Missing e End User License Agreement

If you enjoy this extension, please consider donating to support future development.

Note for Developers

The Firefox version of Missing e is built using the command-line Mozilla Add-On SDK, which can be obtained here.

The Missing e code has been reorganized as of version 2.3.0 so that most of the extension is platform-agnostic.

As such, I have included a script that sets up Windows junctions and hard links so that shared folders and files can be added to all platform builds. This script was written for MINGW32 on a system with the Microsoft junction utility (which you can get here). On a *nix/OSX filesystem, you can simply replace all the junction and fsutil hardlink commands with ln -s to create symbolic links.

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